The New Features Of Pocket Edition 0.10

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In November, Minecraft Pocket Edition was updated to version 0.10 Alpha Build 1. This MCPE update features many things including a variety of content and a built-in shader. The .10 Alpha Build 1 update was made available to all devices on November 18th,  and features graphical enhancement in the form of a shader, new content, various bug fixes, and three additional MCPE exclusives. Check out some of the major features that have been added or enhanced:

Graphic Enhancing Shaders

A built-in shader was added to Minecraft Pocket Edition. This particular shader makes bodies of water look even more awesome by making them more transparent and adding small, gentle waves. Alhtough this still doesn’t compare to the shader packs added by mods, this is a huge step for Minecraft Pocket Edition and for Minecraft in general. This update also features a more optimized 64-bit software adaptation, thus making it faster for 64-bit users.

Mesa Biomes Now Spawn Gold Ore and Mine Shafts

With the MCPE 0.10 update, gold ore can now be found on the new mesa biome. Along with it, surface level mineshafts are now generated as well. This feature is based on western gold mines. The existence of surface mine shafts is exclusive to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft 1.8 Fences

The new fence and fence-gate variations that were introduced on Minecraft PC version 1.8, are now also available on your mobile device. This includes one fence and fence gate type for each wood variation. (ex: birch fence, jungle wood fence gate)

Water Improvements

Swamp waters and puddles are now even darker and murkier. This is to enhance its color in contrast with the new water shaders. Water current is also tweaked to become stronger – allowing flowing water to push things farther and faster. The sound of running water was also added.

Creative Day-Night Cycle

Day and night cycle is now available even in creative mode. During the day, the sun now has a more detailed texture than before. At night, hostile mobs spawn in groups. In addition, clouds and terrain have a blue tint at night.

Brightness Toggling

In-game brightness can now be adjusted in the options along with the other configuration options.

Swamp Improvement

Along with murkier water, the swamp also spawns giant mushrooms.

Added Particles

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10 also features added particles for sand and gravel. These particles are not available for any other Minecraft versions. Fog is also changed to a rounder shape that more closely resembles the PC version of the game.

Animation Improvements

Mob animations have also been improved: Slimes now have a bouncing animation, and walking animations for all mobs are now faster than before.

No More Drowning Baby Animals

They have also finally changed how baby animals behave.The baby animals no longer have to drown. Isn’t that a relief?!

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So What’s Next?

The developers at Mojang promises even faster performance on coming versions – especially on natural caves due to the tweaked algorithm called the Advanced Cave Culling Algorithm.

With this new technology, Minecraft will become faster for all consoles and versions, including PC. Get your own Pocket Edition Server with EnviousHost and share a whole new world with your friends – all from the palm of your hand!

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