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Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is becoming increasingly popular as we speak, in fact, just like its PC brother, Minecraft Pocket Edition now has tons of multiplayer plugins ready to enhance your gameplay. Take a look at Envioushost’s list of the top 10 Minecraft Pocket Edition Plugins:

Disclaimer: We don’t own or claim any of the plugins listed, all credits go to the individual developers who created these wonderful game enhancing modifications. Some plugins may not work on newer versions of MCPE such as 0.9.x versions.

10:  ChestShop

Complete your multiplayer server by adding shops! ChestShop is a lightweight PocketMine-MP plugin that enables a player to open his own chest shop and purchase from others. Now you can create a market or a shop full of chest and leave them safely while generating income. This wonderful plugin is also compatible with the €¢onom¥$ plugin (see below).

9:  TimeCapsule

TimeCapsule is a helpful Minecraft Pocket plugin that functions as a reliable backup manager for PocketMine. This plugin allows the owners to quickly create backups of their worlds that can be loaded just as quickly. This plugin can back up the entire world, data and inventory of all the players, and other plugins as well, making it useful when trying out the other sensitive plugins. With a simple command you can load the entire server, world, player inventory, and plugins installed on a specific time! In addition, this plugin won’t replace regular system backups and other security measures of your device making it safe to use.

8:  MineReset

Since worlds in Minecraft Pocket Edition aren’t infinite, all multiplayer servers face one common problem – and that’s the lack of minable resource. But with this plugin, the problem is no more! MineReset is a sweet plugin that allows the owner to make resettable/ renewable mines in-game. Now players no longer need to destroy the entire map just to create castles, houses, and large builds. Just build yourself a mine/ quarry with this plugin, and you’re good to go. By using simple commands, you may assign an area as a mine and reset it with ease after use.

7:  Portal

Want to teleport in style? Portal is a Pocket Minecraft Plugin that lets players build portals that will take them anywhere. This stylish plugin is pretty useful on large servers with plenty of locations both under the ground and above the skies. Players may create multiple portals and may also create one-time portals that vanish after use –useful on MMORPG-servers and the likes. On top of that, this plugin also supports multiworld plugin.

6:  SimpleAuth

SimpleAuth is a security plugin that requires players to register a name and password to your server. This will block other users to impersonate that particular player making the server safer and more secured. Because Minecraft Pocket Edition lacks the online username authentication available on the PC version of Minecraft, this simple plugin is among the must-have plugins for your pocket server.

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5:  Redstone+

Redstone+ is a work in progress plugin that aims to give the pocket Minecraft players an access to advance Redstone circuitry and logic that is available to the other Minecraft versions.  Currently this plugin has dispensers, pressure plates, sticky pistons, Redstone lamps, levers, Redstone wires,  and repeaters. Of course, because it is only a plugin, these items would all look like the blocks that already exist in the pocket edition: dispensers for example are chests; sticky pistons are nether bricks, and so on. With this plugin you can now open doors, power pistons, open trapdoors, and more!

4:  SimpleWorlds

Manage multiple worlds in your pocket with ease with the help of this very useful plugin. With SimpleWorlds players can load, unload, and generate new worlds on runtime. Worlds can also be exported to other servers for easy world/seed sharing. This helpful plugin can also be configured to auto generate seeds and teleport existing players to it. Even on a simple alpha state, this plugin is as helpful as ever.

3:  WorldEditor

The famous WorldEdit plugin in Bukkit has now been ported to the Pocket Edition! Introducing WorldEditor! With this plugin you can change the world’s landscape like a God by simply typing command, delete hundreds of blocks at once, add new sectors, add world limit, create spheres with ease, and so much more. Being only in alpha, WorldEditor Pocket plugin still lacks many of the WorldEdit commands, but I’m sure it won’t be for long. WorldEditor is an essential plugin for developing new servers and creating epic structures.

2:  ChatPro

ChatPro enhances the multiplayer chat by adding a series of commands for both the OPs and non-OPs. Commands range from the simple /afk that sends a message to the server that you are away from the keyboard (or device for this matter) to the helpful /swearwarn that sends a warning to a person that uses foul languages. This plugin also adds other helpful commands that are used to warn the server from grifers, and trollers. Perhaps my favorite feature about this plugin is that Ops can also add a prefix to a user’s name, which is always helpful and funny at the same time.

1:  €¢onom¥$

€¢onom¥$ plugin is a collection of 15 plugins created by username Onebone, each plugin represents an entirely separate feature that when combined completes an economy system. The main plugin required is the EconomyAPI which makes everything possible. The plugins EconomyShop, EconomySell, and EconomyPShop allows for market-like interactions that is always useful to all kinds of servers, while the plugins EconomyLand, EconomyProperty, EconomyJob, and EconomyTax are all great plugins for ambitious servers with realty and estate systems as well as Roleplaying mechanics. The collection also features miscelleanious plugins such as EconomyAirport, EconomyAuchtion, and EconomyCasino that aim to enhance further the economy system and brings more fun and convenience to the table.

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  1. This website was extreamly helpful! It was great I found out TONS of imformation about minecraft pocket plugins they were very interesting espeacially the portal one and the chestshop. I hope you this website was helpful for you too! 🙂

  2. I’ve been hosting a minecraft pocket edition server on this site for some time now and i still haven’t found out how to add mcpe plugins…. It only says Bukkit Plugins.
    Can Someone please help.

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