Many Minecraft lovers enjoy the change of scenery seeds provide but what exactly are seeds?  Seeds are a form of code the game uses to be able to display the world on your TV or computer screen. In order to get a seed installed and running all you need is the seeds number code and enter it into your seed field when creating a new game world. Here we are going to list five of the best Epic Minecraft Mountain Seeds you’ll want to try the next time you start a new game world.


  • Seed:15876729967628 This particular seed is very unique just by its very design. Upon entering you’ll notice a Savannah mountain that features a sky block at the beginning and you’ll notice a unique question mark shape at the very top giving this mountain a special look. If you like weird different looks of objects this seed may be for you.
  • Seed:969535336 This particular mountain seed appears as if the mountain has been eroded by water at first glance. Once exploring, you’ll notice there are multiple holes all throughout the mountain with waterfalls and rivers outpouring from them. If you’re one that enjoys lots of spectacular views or scenery this seed has something for every explorer at heart.
  • Seed:3070928923073029792If you’re a fan of giant floating sky rocks and floating islands then this seed is for you. Featuring vast expanses of high mountains and rugged terrain this seed is definitely for those looking for a bit of challenge in their adventures.
  • Seed:-2276103805517349348 Upon entering this seed you’ll notice right off that you find yourself in a jungle biome that is a mix of jungle and mountains combined into one thing. The mountains in this seed extend very high, so high that the peaks have snow on them. What’s unique though is the water at the same altitude is not frozen it is still free flowing.
  • Seed:-4330908443409592210 Last but not least this seed is fantastic for those looking for a mix of high mountains and the luxury of a blacksmith within a Savannah village. You’ll also notice a desert village that’s located at the bottom of the mountain. The views can be spectacular and give an awesome mix of exploration and height challenges.


If your looking to add a little challenge to your Minecraft experience or just looking for breathtaking views these five mountain seeds have something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a new player or veteran of the Minecraft universe, you’ll be impressed by these five seeds for months or years to come.

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