Upcoming Features in Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft 1.8 image

The time of Minecraft 1.7 is coming to an end, and this end will bring forth a new Minecraft 1.8 with so many eye-candy features.

And without further ado, we will now list the features to look forward to.

New Doors

The feature that will welcome the new version (and probably the one with the greatest impact for me) is the addition of new doors. These doors aren’t just recolored textures of the old one as they have their own appeal and uses. These doors can be crafted using their respective wood types. From right to left, the doors are: Wooden Door (original), Spruce Door, Birch Door, Jungle Door, Acacia Door, and Dark Oak Door – the last two doors are my favorites.

Minecraft 1.8 Doors image

Wood Fence and Gate Variations

Along with the new doors, Minecraft 1.8 will feature new fences and fence gates according to the variety of wood available in game. Giving you new ways to decorate your wood  cabin.

Customizable Banners and Armor Stands

Faction-type servers will celebrate as the next Minecraft version will feature the much anticipated (and quite needed) banners. These banners can be crafted by using a stick and 6 wool blocks on a sign pattern and can be placed on the ground or on the wall. And just like wool blocks, these banners come in 16 different colors. The best part about these banners is the that they can be customized to create your own faction flag. All you need to do is create the desired banner color parts of it with dye using the crafting table. With the available colors and pattern, there will definitely be hundreds if not thousands of combinations.

Minecraft 1.8 Banners image

The medieval theme of the next update does not stop with banners as there will also be armor stands to display your  precious and fully enchanted armors – perfect for castle-themed server and for your prized armory.

New Dungeons and Blocks

Revealed on the last snapshots are new underwater dungeons and undersea goodness such as Sea lanterns, Prismarines, Andesite, Diorite and a bunch of others that I don’t really know how to pronounce. They also added a red sandstone on the latest snapshot to complement the existing red sand.

Minecraft 1.8 Dungeons image

New Mobs

Before the snapshots, I’ve heard rumors that Mojang is about to add fishes and birds on the game… and they did add a fish called “guardian”. And I must say, I was kind of disappointed to see that this new fish looks weird – and that statement is sugar-coated. Anyway, they also added rabbits and Endermites. Hopefully these mobs will be improved on the actual Minecraft 1.8 release. But expect to have some new mobs on the upcoming version nonetheless – which is pretty exciting.

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