Why You Should Host Your Own Minecraft Server

Admit it, Minecraft is a game best played with friends online. But playing on a stranger’s server is both risky and frustrating at times. Here we’ve listed 5 reasons why you should host your own Minecraft server and where you should host it. Read each point carefully to understand all the benefits of having your own server!

REASON 1:  You Are The Master of Your World

Owning the server means owning everything on it. You can add your own plugin, you can have your own mod, you can invite whoever you want, and you can do almost anything to anyone who is inside your server! But remember this, “great power comes with great responsibility”.

REASON 2:  Server Always Available… For You

Server availability is a common issue to most locally-hosted servers. Fortunately, when you host your own server, it will be available any time you need it.

REASON 3:  Ping and Latency Won’t Be A Problem

Since the server is hosted on your side of the world, ping and latency won’t be an issue. Securing a smooth and flawless gameplay

REASON 4:  Manage Your Own Player-Base

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Tired of getting kicked by a lousy OP? Well on your own server you’ll get to manage your own players. Add a whitelist, create a team of OPs, ban half of the world, or allow only your closest friends and famous people! It’s all on you.

REASON 5:  Protect Your Build Like No Other

Remember the time you built something epic it took you almost a month? Remember the time when it all disappeared because the server chose to a new world? Hurts right? Don’t suffer from it again! On your own server you can set up world backups and to protect your world save forever!

Minecraft Server Hosting vs. Local Hosting

Now that I got your attention and you now want to create your own server, you will now face a new concern. – Where should you host it?

So which one should you choose to host your server?  The answer my friend, is pretty simple – Get a dedicated Minecraft hosting company to do it for you. If there’s one thing totally amazing about hosted servers, it’s the fact that they are available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The same thing can be true on your local computer; however, you can expect your pc to flush its life on the toilet pretty soon after a month. In addition to that, dedicated hosted servers will save you from using precious computer resource which dramatically reduces the lag of both your server and your client.

Why Choose EnviousHost?

We’re glad you asked! EnviousHost features a user-friendly multicraft panel that allows users to modify their servers down to detail. Enjoy mod pack and plugin installation in a breeze with just a click of a few buttons. Having trouble running that JAR file? Our team of friendly support technicians can help you out any time.

And with EnviousHost’s top quality hardware and up-to-date software, your server will be as smooth as butter at a very reasonable rate. So grab one today!

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