While the many updates applied to Minecraft will often create new and exciting quests, sometimes it takes the presence of an external mod to really take the intensity to the next level.

To keep your Minecraft experience fresh and challenging, we have selected five of our favorite challenging mods to enhance your server. Whether you’re fairly new to the game, or you’ve played for years, these mods will push your game to the limit.

Overlord Mod

Image by The_Fireplace

The Overlord mod allows you to raise and command an army of skeletons to do your dirty work for you. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you could even couple these with a texture pack to have your own fleet of White Walkers. Try this on a multiplayer server against friends to see whose army reigns supreme!

Lonely Biome Mod

Image by WhichOnesPink

The Lonely Biome mod will present you with the ultimate survival challenge — to mine, craft, hunt, and grow on a single biome. This could be a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, or a huge biome consisting only of one element. Either way, you’ll be surprised how difficult it can be.

Elite Armageddon Mod

Image by Cephrus

In this harrowing mod, the enemy is the sun. You have five days to hoard as many aboveground resources as possible before the sun’s UV rays become deadly and society is forced underground. Any contact with sunlight, and you will burn to a crisp. Whoever thought that Minecraft would be impacted by climate change!?

Hardcore Darkness Mod

Image by Lumien231

If you thought that navigating caves in darkness was difficult enough already, you should try Hardcore Darkness, where a bloodthirsty mob lurks around every corner. Torches are almost useless when using this mod, so be prepared with a powerful weapon for when you are inevitably attacked by a huge spider, or worse.

Floating Ruins Mod

Image by bspkrs

For Indian Jones-types who love to explore ruins and caves, the Floating Ruins mod provides a fresh new challenge in that these valuable structures are situated in the sky. You will have to find a way up there before you can harvest the valuable treasure inside. Ascending will be dangerous, but worth it — just be wary of the mobs that lurk inside.

Have a play around with these challenging mods to introduce an additional element of difficulty to your Minecraft world. Using them in multiplayer will make your server a unique experience that you can enjoy with your friends.

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