5 of Our Favorite Minecraft Mod Packs

Minecraft mods have been known to improve the game a hundred folds, but mod users usually experience one common problem – compatibility. Be it from using the same item sprites, to ruining the game’s lore, mod compatibility is always a problem. But with the introduction of mod packs, users will no longer face this issue. All they have to do is pick the theme or the mod pack they want to use, and BAM!

Of course, these mod packs come in different shapes and forms; most of them need their own Minecraft launchers, some may only contain a few mods to improve the vanilla gameplay, while others can transform your Minecraft server into something far beyond it. Hence, we listed down 5 Minecraft Mod Packs that are a cut above the rest.

5:  The Fellowship Mod Pack

Fight as an evil villain or as a hero and experience middle earth inside Minecraft. Created by TheVoidsWrath, The Fellowship Mod Pack is based around the theme of middle-earth and medieval era. This mod pack not only adds new Minecraft features and content, but it totally overhauls the game in more than one way. By mixing 42 different mods and patches together, this mod pack features an entirely new world generation, breath taking pre-generated structures and ruins, an ever-growing corruption of Mordor, different classes and new mobs, faction-based warfare, and much more.

I can only speak for myself, but this mod pack is the probably the best one for me. When taking everything into account, The Fellowship Mod Pack makes for a one serious and awesome server that fits those who love serious RPG-like gameplay and those who likes to play as the hobbit.

4:  Hexxit

Hexxit is a technicpack mod pack that focuses in giving players an epic adventure. Aside from the wonderfully created site, Hexxit features a collection of mods that enhances and encourages RPG-like adventuring inspired and in the style of the famous Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. With Hexxit, players can see lots of explorable locations, biome based monsters, epic loots, legendary artifacts, and serious RPG armaments.

All in all, Hexxit features backpacks, shields, monster towers, an amazing RPG style HUD, tons of new weapons and armors, epic new dungeons, new mounts, legendary gears, a series of new beasts and mob bosses, falling meteors, more ruins, and many more that will make adventure exciting. If you want to experience a single player game like no other, or perhaps you want to embark on an epic quest with a friend, then this mod pack is for you.

3:  Feed the Beast (FTB) Unleashed

One of the most popular modpacks for FTB, Unleashed is designed to cater servers of all types. This mod pack combines new technology and magic in to one seamless experience. Generally, FTB Unleashed contains more than 70 standalone mods from modern-advance technology mods like Thermal Expansion and Buildcraft to magical-based mods like Thaumcraft. Utility mods, tweaks, and custom UI mods are also present in the mod pack to enhance the overall experience.

The mod pack also contains a list of famous mods such as Equivalent Exchange (by Pahimar) which introduces a new form of alchemy, ComputerCraft (by Dan200) that adds functional computers into the game,  PortalGun (by iChun) that adds a mysterious gun from the famous game Portal, and many more. Overall, Feed The Beast – Unleashed is a mod pack suited for general servers with large player-based as it gives all players a new thing to do.

2:  Yogbox

Yogbox is a mod pack made famous by the (drumroll…) Yogscast! The Yogbox mod pack contains 49 specifically chosen mods that enhance Minecraft gameplay by giving it more life. In a quick run, Yogbox features magical staffs, small minions, airships, intelligent NPCs with villages, more creatures, and more locations.

One interesting mod and one that is least likely to be found in other mod packs is Millenaire. Millenaire adds intelligent human NPCs inside the game – making the world of Minecraft alive once more. In addition to Mo’ Creatures and ThaumCraft 2, Yogsbox also features JammyFurnitureMod, WeaponMod, and other major mods that are all worth trying by themselves. In my opinion, Yogbox has one of the most amusing mod collections in terms of single player, and peer group gameplay. However, it may also be one of the most resource demanding mods that could affect a smooth gameplay.

1:  Tekkit

Tekkit is a very famous mod pack, from Technic Platform, that is built around giving Minecraft the latest technology and new dimensions. Tekkit introduces dozens of new ways to automate and industrialize Minecraft to gain resources and produce products that are used to do dozens of new things With Tekkit, players can create fully automated factories and stone quarries, equip highly advance armors, use powerful and advance weapons, create complicated circuitries, and even build a rocket to travel the moon.

This mod pack contains many of the popular mods including Galacticraft for the space travel and rocket science, Buildcraft for the factories and industrialized automations, Modular Powersuits for the highly functional and highly advanced armors, Thermal Expansion for processing energy conduits, and many other complex mods. Overall, Tekkit is a mod pack suited for those who likes to tinker and for those who gets satisfaction in getting some complex things achieved. So if you can’t get enough of Minecraft’s Redstone and would like to do some serious construction and logic work, then get this mod pack and enjoy your new toys.

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Disclaimer: We do not own or claim ownership to any of the mods and mod packs shown in the list. All credits go to each and individuals who shared these awesome mods and packs.

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