When it comes to CS: Go it sometimes can be a daunting task to figure out which weapons are best and which ones you should avoid. If you happen to be new to CS: Go it can be even more confusing to figure out which weapons are best to give you the best CS: Go experience possible. Here we are going to list the top five weapons you’ll want to use during your CS: Go experience.


  • R8 Revolver– This revolver was introduced to CS: Go as part of the 2015 update that released during the winter time. The R8 Revolver is highly powerful and has an accuracy that surpasses any other revolver found in the game. It’s capable of firing eight rounds and can kill an opponent within two hits at close range that most other pistols can’t accomplish. This pistol is one you’ll want to consider the next time you play CS: Go.
  • MAG-7– This shotgun is a one of a kind that’s more compact than your standard shotgun and is extremely powerful at close range. This shotgun is one of the most sought after in CS: Go due to its effectiveness and cost within the game. While it does have a low fire rate and can’t be fired while reloading, it still is one of the most effective shotguns in CS: Go at a reasonable price that’s affordable.
  • P90– The P90 is one of the best and well-known submachine gun known within the Counter-Strike series and for good reason. While the P90’s damage is rather low, it makes up for it with its accuracy and low recoil along with 50 rounds of ammunition. The P90’s high magazine capacity is a big draw to a lot of CS: Go players giving them longer up time and chances to kill their opponents. The last thing that draws many players to this particular submachine gun is everyone loves having a military or Dick Tracey style weapon and who can blame them?
  • SCAR-20– If a rifle is more your speed then the SCAR-20 is a rifle of choice by many players due to its long range and high powered lens scope making for a sneaky and effective weapon. The SCAR-20 has a very high firing rate along with very high accuracy making for a deadly yet effective long rifle for players that like to snipe from a distance. The only con is it is rather expensive in the game but is worth every penny.
  • Negev– Last but not least if you want a machine gun the Negev is your answer. Featuring 150 round magazines the Negev has all the ammunition you need to keep you in the game fighting instead of reloading. The Negev is very deadly at close range and is an instant kill if you land a headshot. If you’re looking to mow down groups of enemies the Negev is exactly what your looking.


Whether you’re a new player or veteran of the game these five guns have something for everyone. Maybe you’re a pistol kind of person, or you prefer a weapon that sprays lots of bullets killing clusters of enemies, either way, these five weapons have something for everyone. Get your favorite weapon and gear up for your next CS: Go adventure!

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