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CS:GO Weapons To Avoid

  When it comes to playing Counterstrike, especially CS: Go, it’s important to know what weapons you’re using and if that weapon is even worth using. The weapon you’re using makes all the difference in the world and sometimes no matter how good a player you are a bad weapon can put a damper on … Continue reading CS:GO Weapons To Avoid

CS:GO Takes the Title of the Best-Selling PC Game to Date

Surpassing Minecraft sales by a good margin, CS:GO or Counterstrike Global Offensive has now become the best-selling PC game. Since August 2012, its sales have reached a whopping 25 million units, whooping Minecraft’s behind by 500,000 units more. Some say that the numbers are a result of manipulative practices. But money talks, and it says … Continue reading CS:GO Takes the Title of the Best-Selling PC Game to Date

16 Awesome CS: GO Facts

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is so widely recognized now that it’s easy to forget that Counter-Strike started off as merely a mod for a little game called Half-Life. With the release of the fourth and current installment back in 2012, the series has truly become a global phenomenon (okay, bad pun). To commemorate the series’ 16 years … Continue reading 16 Awesome CS: GO Facts

How to Change CS:GO Crosshair Settings

Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) lets you customize how your crosshair will look on your screen, which will significantly improve your gaming experience. Each crosshair setting best applies to certain types of players. This means the style you choose also tells about the type of gamer that you are. Customizing the crosshair, however, mostly requires … Continue reading How to Change CS:GO Crosshair Settings