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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Weapons Guide

Counter-Strike is a game that will test your reflexes and your ability to strategize off the cuff. Given how fast paced this first-person shooter is, choosing an effective weapon that matches your skills could be the make or break in any competitive match. The question is: which weapon should you choose? Valve were onto a … Continue reading “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Weapons Guide”

CS:GO Weapons To Avoid

  When it comes to playing Counterstrike, especially CS: Go, it’s important to know what weapons you’re using and if that weapon is even worth using. The weapon you’re using makes all the difference in the world and sometimes no matter how good a player you are a bad weapon can put a damper on … Continue reading “CS:GO Weapons To Avoid”

CS:GO Is Coming to EnviousHost – Know Your Weapons!

CS:GO Is Coming to EnviousHost – Know Your Weapons! Boom – Headshot! Do you live inside the world of competitive first-person shooters? Do you spend your days dashing between corridors, ready to fire on anything that moves? Get ready. We’ve got something you’re going to LOVE. Coming Soon: CS:GO + EnviousHost In case you haven’t … Continue reading “CS:GO Is Coming to EnviousHost – Know Your Weapons!”