CS:GO Is Coming to EnviousHost – Know Your Weapons!

Boom – Headshot!

Do you live inside the world of competitive first-person shooters? Do you spend your days dashing between corridors, ready to fire on anything that moves? Get ready. We’ve got something you’re going to LOVE.

Coming Soon: CS:GO + EnviousHost

In case you haven’t already heard, EnviousHost is expanding! In the next few weeks, we will be adding both Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to our arsenal. That’s right – the same team who has been providing managing your bedrock-solid Minecraft server this whole time will now be bringing you CS:GO! And, of course, our unbeatable LIVE customer service team will still be available 24/7. We’re going to help you get your #GameOn, no matter what your game is!

What Makes CS:GO Awesome

So let’s run through the basics. What makes CS:GO any different from any of the other dozens of first-person shooter games out there? Let’s start with the setting. Notice how realistic the physics engine is. CS:GO will make you feel like you’re heading into battle without ever leaving your room! Now let’s talk about the gun-play. Different weapons sport different recoil, bullet spread and bullet drop – just like in real life. And you won’t be able to just jump around and hit your target. This game is an awesome challenge!

There are also a ton of play styles and games for you to choose from. Competition, Casual and Homebrew games are all right at your fingertips, giving you the chance to find the best gameplay to suit your tastes.

If these aspects of the gameplay still don’t do it for you, the community will. Sure, you’ll find occasional trolls here just like you will with any other first-person shooter, but with CS:GO, you will find a rich online community. Players can host their own servers, creating home brew worlds and maps. Many players also work together via forums. This adds a whole new element to the classic first-person shooter. Some maps and servers will include mini-games, standardized rules and uniquely-created maps. The possibilities are endless!

So What Should You Do First?

If you’re new to CS:GO, welcome. You’ve chosen a great game, so congratulations!

Once you first sign in, you have the option to join a casual game and jump right in…or you can go into training mode. It never hurts to get in a few rounds of target practice before stepping into a battleground, but if you have the confidence to jump right in, we say GO FOR IT!

When you reach Rank Three, you can join the truly competitive world where you will be ranked by performance. Get ready to become a target for more experienced players, n00b! Just kidding. You’re going to have a blast. And there are also fun game modes that allow you to try out different obstacles. As you play through Casual, you’ll notice that you get one life per round. The first team to reach their 8th round of victory is declared the winner.

Enough About Gameplay

With CS:GO, we could talk about gameplay for weeks on end. Seriously, there’s THAT MUCH to do. But don’t let us ruin it for you – go check it out for yourself! Before you go, though, you need to learn about your weapons. Use this breakdown to learn what you should be looking for as you scramble through your first few games.

Our CS:GO Weapons Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Weapons Guide image
So when you begin your game, you start out with $1000. You earn more throughout the round by killing (man, this isn’t Minecraft any more!) and completing special objectives. There’s also a bonus for winning. In the next round, you’re able to visit a purchase screen to get yourself a new weapon. The guns are broken up into four main categories: Pistol, Heavy, Submachine Gun and Rifle.

To help keep this Weapons Guide a bit more organized, we’re going to break the guns out by these categories. Each gun is listed with a price, a short description and any special information you need to know about it. Keep in mind that (T) means “terrorist only” and (CT) means “counter-terrorist only”.

Ready to get started? Let’s learn about these weapons!


Desert Eagle – $700: One of the game’s most popular side arms, this pistol boasts high damange and penetration plus a slow firing speed. This is a one-hit-kill headshot weapon and also has high recoil. With a little bit of practice, this weapon can make you a very dangerous foe!

Dual Berettas – $500: These are perfect for channeling your inner Wyatt Earp. These dual (duel? See what we did there?) pistols have a high rate of fire and a ton of ammunition. The only drawbacks are that they give you lower accuracy after a short range and that it takes longer to load two guns.

C275 Auto – $500: Can you say “fully automatic pistol”? This gun is ridiculous! Designed to pierce armor, this is the perfect gun for close-range combat but the automatic portion can make the gun somewhat inaccurate out of the close zone. If you’re fighting at long range, this isn’t the weapon you want to be using.

P250 – $300: This is probably the best overall pistol for your money. It’s cheap, has low recoil and gets decent damage. However, you will need to watch for your low ammo reserve and accuracy loss after firing repeatedly. This gun can be pretty ineffective for medium- to long-range fighting.

Glock-18 (T) – $200: You get what you pay for. While a Glock-18 may be impressive in real life, this gun has low damage and poor accuracy at distance in this game. The advantage is that it has a short reload time and it can fire quickly. Keep in mind, this is the default pistol for terrorists.

Tec-9 (T) – $500: If you are going to join the terrorist side, this should be your weapon of choice in the early stages. The Tec-9 provides decent damage, a good fire rate and a reasonable reload time. Just watch out for the high recoil and lower accuracy.

P2000 (CT) – $200: This gun has great accuracy and damage for being the default CT pistol. The downfall is that it’s not nearly as effective against armored opponents. It also suffers from a slow rate of fire, meaning you can be out-gunned by other pistols.

USP-S (CT) – $200: The USP-S makes a nice replacement for the default P2000. This pistol also comes with a silencer, so firing it doesn’t break stealth. Of course, with silence comes low ammo and low armor penetration. But other than that, the high accuracy and low recoil make it a very nice choice.

Five-Seven (CT) – $500: High damage, short reload time and large magazine. What’s NOT to like?! The only drawbacks are that damage and accuracy are both reduced at distance, and that it has the longest reload time of all pistols. With practice, though, this is a very deadly weapon.


Nova – $1200: The Nova is a high-impact, low-spread shotgun. It’s pretty cheap compared to other shotguns. Since it is pump action, it has a slow firing rate, but is highly-effective at long range. It does, however, lack penetration ability, making armored targets a bit more difficult to kill.

XM1014 – $3000: Are you in a close-quarter map? This gun should be your first choice. Up close you have high damage. And the gun’s high fire rate means that you can easily plow through your enemies. With that said, the long range renders this gun useless. You also have to watch out for the high recoil.

Saw-Off (T) – $1200: This is the heaviest-hitting shotgun at close range. It also costs the same as the Nova, making it a great (economic!) choice for the early stages. Just remember, when firing from medium range, it deals no damage. It also has a fairly high spread compared to some of the other shotguns in this game.

MAG-7 (CT) – $1800: Need an accurate shotgun? This is the closest you’re going to get. And it does offer better armor penetration than its counterparts. Watch out, though, for the low magazine capacity and slow rate of fire.

M249 – $5200: This is one of two machine guns featured in CS:GO. If you’re in a group, this weapon is ideal. Great penetration and a large magazine means you can hit everything and create a ton of damage. The biggest drawback is the price, but this gun does also have high recoil and questionable accuracy.

Negev – $5700: The Negev is a beat! Boasting a huge magazine and high firing speed, this gun is absolutely deadly in close combat. However, it’s terrible in long range. This gun is quite pricey and it does have a big spread on its firing pattern.

Sub-Machine Guns

MP7 – $1700: Another gun that delivers what you pay for. While it’s affordable compared to other sub-machine guns, the MP7 has low damage and accuracy. The plus side, however, is that it has a low recoil and a high firing rate. If you’re strapped for cash, this is a decent choice but it probably won’t see you through for the long haul.

UMP-45 – $1700: One of the best things about this gun is that it has no speed reduction. It also boasts fair accuracy at range. Thw low recoil and high damage make it a great choice, but beware: the rate of fire is low and it does take a while to reload.

PP-Bizon – $1400: Do you want to push a lot of ammo? The Bizon has a huge magazine and fast fire rate. The biggest disadvantage with this gun is that it provides poor accuracy and little damage – even less against armor! If you like shooting guns just to shoot, however, you will have a field day with this one.

P90 – $2350: If you like to move around, this is the SMG for you. Large magazine, a high rate of fire and low recoil make it perfect for gunning on the go. It’s also the best SMG against armor. Accuracy dips at range and the gun does have a considerable reload time. Use this gun to get in close and light your opponents up!

MAC-10 (T) – $1400: Cheap but effective. This SMG boasts medium damage and a high firing speed. The trouble is that it also offers poor accuracy and a high recoil. Be careful when engaging armored enemies, because the armor penetration is terrible.

MP9 (CT) – $1250: The cheapest SMG in the game has high recoil and a high spread. It also has some of the lowest damage. On the contrary, spraying boullets into a group can still land you some kills. The main thing to remember is that if you manage to terminate an opponent with this weapon, you’ll get a huge reward.


SSG-08 – $1700: Being fairly cheap and pretty much silent, this sniper rifle is a great first line. One shot, one kill as long as it’s a headshot, and sometimes a stomach shot. Good penetration and a high ammo reserve give this gun a solid edge. Just remember that it is low damage for a sniper rifle and it fires quite slowly.

AWP – $4750: This gun kills. Period. In fact, anything you hit but legs will bring instant death to your enemies – armored or not. It’s also extremely accurate at long range. But, of course, such power comes with a cost, both in terms of firing rate and finance. There’s also a long reload time, so make sure you shoot to kill with this one!

Galil AR (T) – $2000: This is a very cheap assault rifle that comes with a high rate of fire and decent recoil. It loses accuracy at long range and has a large bullet spread. The worst part of this gun is that an armored target is not an instant kill – even with a headshot.

AK-47 (T) – $2500: What game would be complete without a trustworthy AK? True to its name, the AK-47 yields high damage, boasts a fast reload time and is effective at almost any range. This is the best bang for your buck, so to speak. But if you do choose to use it, beware the high recoil and loss of accuracy on full auto.

SG 553 (T) – $3000: Think of the SG 553 as the AKs bigger cousin. Boasting the highest first-shot accuracy of any rifle, it also has full-armor penetration. Plus it has a scope. Be careful of the high recoil and wide bullet spread of continuous fire. It will slow you down more than any other assault rifle.

G3SG-1 (T) – $5000: This is the terrorist-only sniper rifle. It fires faster than the AWP and delivers considerable damage. This gun isn’t recommended for use outside of scope, as you will have no crosshairs. The recoil can also pull your accuracy when you are scoped.

FAMAS (CT) – $2250: This is the cheapest counter-terrorist rifle, offering a nice 3-round burst for long range combat. While using the burst, the accuracy is spot on with low recoil. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of damage and fire rate.

M4A4 (CT) – $3100: Coming in at mid-level, the M4A4 is highly-accurate and has good bursting ability. This is the counter-terrorist version of the AK-47, having higher accuracy but doing less damage. Be aware, though, that your accuracy drops if you go into full auto.

M4A1 (CT) – $3200: Interchangeable with the M4A4, the M4A1 comes with a silencer. Boost your accuracy and stealth compared to its counterpart. However, the smaller magazine does mean that you’ll need to watch your reserves closely.

AUG (CT) – $3500: If you’re just learning how to play CS:GO, this is THE assault rifle for you. It comes with great accuracy, high fire speed and moderate damage. Unfortunately, it is also fairly expensive, has a long reload time and a high recoil.

SCAR-20 (CT) – $5000: While being an expensive sniper rifle, the SCAR has low recoil, short reload time and is fairly accurate. The bullets also slow your enemy’s movement speed. Unfortunately, that ability comes at the cost of having your own speed reduced.

Playing CS:GO with EnviousHost

If you’ve never played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before, it’s going to rock your world. In the next few weeks, your friends at EnviousHost will be launching new CS:GO servers that will take you from the world of Minecraftia and drop you straight into a battlezone. Think you can handle it? Only one way to find out!

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