When it comes to playing Counterstrike, especially CS: Go, it’s important to know what weapons you’re using and if that weapon is even worth using. The weapon you’re using makes all the difference in the world and sometimes no matter how good a player you are a bad weapon can put a damper on your playing experience. It’s just as important to use the right weapons as it is to be a good experienced player. Here we will list five CS: Go weapons you’ll want to avoid the next time you log in.


  1. Dual Berettas– While carrying two pistols looks cool it’s not really the best for accuracy and player kills, in fact, their not accurate at all. In the game, these pistols cost around $500.00 and that amount of money is just better spent somewhere else for a more accurate weapon. Many players are drawn to these pistols because of their high rate of fire and loads of ammunition, but it doesn’t really do you any good if you can’t hit anything.
  2. PP-Bizon– At first glance, this weapon may seem like a good choice because of it’s high count magazine clips holding 64 bullets but that’s about all its good for. The PP-Bizon has low armor penetration, low accuracy, and low damage. In other words, in most cases, you’ll be dead well before you’re able to kill any opponent with this SMG. The only thing going for the PP-Bizon is the high magazine count, that’s it. All other SMG options are just better in all aspects.
  3. SG 553– This assault rifle is extremely expensive in game costing around $3,500 when there are better options like the AK-47 that cost around $2,700 in the game. The AK-47 is better in every category compared to the SG 553 and at a reduced cost, this is why the AK-47 is the most popular assault rifle used in CS: Go eliminating the need to buy the more expensive SG 553.
  4. M249– This weapon is known for being one of the most embarrassing weapons to be killed by next to getting knifed to death. The M249 has a high recoil along with a very widespread making it very inaccurate and impossible to control. If that wasn’t bad enough the M249 slows down your movement abilities making you a sitting duck just waiting to get hit and with a price tag of $5,000 in the game there’s no reason to purchase the M249.
  5. AUG– The AUG is actually a pretty decent assault rifle with great armor penetration and a decent amount of damage output. The issue comes with its cost compared to other assault rifles that give similar performance and even include scopes that the AUG doesn’t have. While the AUG isn’t an overall bad weapon it just doesn’t make sense when rifles such as the M4 deliver the same performance with a scope included at a cheaper price.


If you have been getting killed a lot lately in CS: Go it may not be your skill it could be your weapon that’s been holding you back. While there are other similar bad weapons not mentioned here these are five you’ll definitely want to avoid in the future when there are better options available to you. Don’t be discouraged from playing CS: Go if you been getting killed more than actually killing. A small change in the correct weapon may be all you need to turn the tides against your opponents.

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