Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a highly competitive multiplayer first person shooting game.

It is very competitive, to the point where your own teammates might throw insults at you for not being as adept as you should. Fortunately, EnviousHost has some tips to make you play better in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

1 – Finding Your Sensitivity

Higher sensitivity means you can react quicker to enemies in the screen, however, having lower mouse sensitivity means you are more accurate.

As a rule of thumb, when an enemy is behind you, you’re already dead. So don’t make your sensitivity too high just for the purpose of looking behind.

Having a comfortable mouse and a nice mouse pad plays a good role in this too, so be sure you have both. Make sure to use the mouse’s native DPI and use a mouse with a high refresh rate.

2 – Playing on a Beefy Desktop

This is something that not all of us can change, but if possible it is recommended to play on a beefy desktop as it can dramatically affect your game play.

Of course it all depends on the player’s skill, but having a good hardware is what differentiates the best from the good.

3 – Playing With Your Wrist

Your wrist is more agile than your arms or your hands, so use them! Have one pivot point that you are comfortable with and keep using it.

In addition, use your fingertips to control recoil.

4 – Playing on Games with High Tic/Rate

A tic is the game’s measurement for send/receive update per second. The server with higher tics means the more accurate the gameplay will be.

Theoretically, the maximum tic for a CS:GO server is 128 tic. Playing around 120 or above is ideal.

5 – Modifying Your Client-Side Options

Find your config.cfg in the cfg folder inside the game directory. Edit it with notepad or any other text editor and find the rate which is the pocket size and set its value to the highest possible: 128000 and hit save.

You may also want to use your console and enter the following commands with their designated value:

cl_interp value 0

cl_updaterate 128

cl_cmdrate 128

Changing these options will ensure that you get the most possible data at the fastest possible time while playing the game.

6 – Using Counter Flash

If blinded by flash bang grenade, you will be left defenseless for a couple of seconds.

To keep yourself from dying, one method is use a counter flash, that is throwing another flash bang grenade while still being blinded. This will then blind any pursuing enemies making everyone in the vicinity vulnerable until the effect fades.


7 – Using KeyBinds

Use KeyBinds to quickly switch weapons/ items. This is especially useful on grenades and on times of panic. To do this, you need to input a console command “bind (letter) “use weapon_(weapon name)””.

For example, if you want to have express access to flash bang grenade and bind it to the letter “F” type in “bind f “use weapon_flashbang”” without the first and last quotation marks.

8 – Proper Crosshair Placement

Most players aren’t born with perfect aim, and even those who are born with it are still at a disadvantage from gamers who know proper crosshair placement.

Proper crosshair placement is also known as pre-aiming and is best explained in a helpful video below.

9 – Mobility: More Important Than Crouching

A lot of new players like crouching when engaging an opponent. While it may offer some help, quick footed enemies are far harder to kill than sitting ducks.

Crouching should only be used to throw off someone’s head shot at the last second.

This tip has an exception of course, there are veteran players in CS:GO community with an almost God-like head shot reflex, so crouching might be the only way against those scary guys.

10 – Running With a Knife After Spawn

Positioning is very important in CS:GO  and guarding certain areas of the map can provide a significant tactical advantage. So getting there as fast as you can is the basic team play.

Unlike Counter Strike Source, carrying knives in Counter Strike: Global Assault will make you run the fastest.

Use this wisdom to gain advantage before the shoot down starts.

11 – Practicing Recoil Control

Probably the most important tip in this list is to practice recoil control when spray-firing.

On automatic weapons, holding down the left mouse button will spray bullets in a “T” shaped pattern. This is due to the weapon’s recoil.

To compensate for this, you need to practice your recoil control. Controlling bullet spray/ recoil control is a whole new and long topic that is best saved for another day. For a quick informative guide, watch the video below.

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