If you’re a player of CS: GO, then you’ll likely be excited about the new Canals Map that’s being introduced. This new map is based on real environments set within Italy along with spectacular awe moments as you explore your way through some of Italy’s war-torn zones. There’s a good mix of buildings, canals, and architecture making for some interesting tactic strategies. Upon further examination, you’ll notice that the bomb sites will need different weapons and tactics for each team.

Site A will reward more for the use of smoke grenades and rifles while Site B will be better with the use of shotguns and submachine guns as your primary weapons. As a little side effect, the Phoenix terrorist player model has been updated to include improved performance and new weapon finishes and if that wasn’t enough the new patch will include many new weapon skins as well – 17 to be exact. The new Canals map while it is set in realistic environments the developers have intentionally left a lot of the clutter, such as street grocery markets to help improve player visibility.

While we, and most other individuals, are happy to see this new patch arrive, it does come as a surprise to most which aren’t far from the normal when it comes to the developer Valve. Valve has a history of not informing the public of its upcoming updates, with most players just logging in one day and bam, there’s a patch to download. Despite these surprises, they are nice to have instead of knowing weeks or months ahead of time what to expect. That covers the new CS: GO canals map, along with all its other included features.  We look forward to it and we know you will too!

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