Featured Mod Pack: Attack of the B-Team

Out of all Mod Packs out there, what makes Attack of The B-Team special? Well, Attack of the B-Team was the very first mod pack to launch in a conjunction with fundraiser! You’re not only helping the developers, you’re donations will also go to the charity – And that’s not all…

Attack of the B- Team is a mod pack designed for those who like to go crazy with science and all its mumbo jumbo. Unlike other Technic mod packs that focus on advance technology, Attack of the B-Team takes it all to the next level by including some of the most crazy and wackiest mods you could find on the internet and painstakingly integrated them into the game.

Mod Pack Features

This mod pack features… a weird title… really… Aside from that, Attack of The B – Team will take you to a Minecraft world (weirder than the title itself) where advance technology existed, traveling to the moon is a possibility, relaxing to a well-made couch is a daily thing, getting eaten by a huge gigantic Dinosaur is normal, practicing witchcraft is a profession, and resurrecting the undead and making your own monster is normal hobby. You think that’s crazy? Well you bet it is!

First thing you will notice about this mod pack is a new environment filled with beautiful landscape, some random effigies, floating oasis, and the likes. Then they have these hats, and a crazy morph mod, mechas, guns, awesome woodcrafts, an overpowered laser gun, rockets, and space monsters. If you think that you can do anything with vanilla Minecraft, clearly you haven’t tried this mod pack which sort of combines the famous CrazyCraft mod pack and Tekkit.

Confusing? Yes, fun? Definitely! Poking around in single player can give you a headache, but play with your friends and you’ll be laughing your teeth off. Whether you like mining, exploring, farming, or building, this mod pack has something new for you. A mod pack, I highly recommend for those who just want escape reality and just have fun.

Play on EnviousHost

Want to play Attack of The B-Team with your friends and family? Envioushost Minecraft servers feature easy installation that allows you to setup your server hassle-free.

Powered by Multicraft, EnviousHost’s drop-down easy install setup covers many of the famous mod packs including Craftbukkit, Tekkit, Spigot, and Feed The Beasts – allowing you to switch from one server to another without installing it all by yourself.

Easy Installation Guide

Installing Attack of the B Team Mod Pack image

Already have a server on EnviousHost? Transform your server to this wonderful mod pack by following these simple steps:

  1.  Stop your server and backup any important files
  2.  If you are already running a server, Log in to your FTP and delete all server related files. If not, skip this step.
  3.  Choose Attack of the B –Team on the JAR dropdown menu and hit play

It’s THAT easy! So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends and try it out and experience hours after hours of fun.

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