Getting Started with Minecraft Creative Mode

Do you ever get tired of the survival elements of Minecraft? It’s time to check out Creative Mode! Introduced in the 1.8 beta update, Creative Mode is a popular game mode in Minecraft that makes it easier to focus on building and destroying whatever you like. That’s because in Creative Mode, players no longer have to worry about the survival elements that can make the game more challenging. On top of that, players in Creative Mode receive unlimited resources and don’t have to worry about health, experience or attack.

Walk, Run or Fly?

Minecraft Creative Mode Flying image

One thing that many players love about Creative Mode is that it gives users the ability to fly. You can activate the command by simply double-tapping the Space bar (or Jump key) on your keyboard. Flying is, of course, much faster than walking, so this is a great feature if you’re trying to cover a lot of ground in your world! Just make sure to remember that when you are walking, you can delete Bedrock in Creative Mode. Be careful not to fall into the Void!

Check Out the Creative Menu

When you open the menu in Creative Mode, you will notice that the inventory is full of blocks. All types of blocks! That means that you can build anything you’d like. With these endless possibilities, there’s no telling what we may see in the future. We’ve seen some really mind-blowing creations before, but with Creative Mode there’s no telling what we can expect in the future! What are you going to build?!

Commands Available in Creative Mode

If you’re new to Creative Mode, here are a few helpful commands to get you started:

/gamemode <0, 1 or 2> - You choose 0 for Survival, 1 for Creative or 2 for Adventure

/defaultgamemode <0, 1 or 2> - 0 for Survival, 1 for Creative or 2 for Adventure

/difficulty <peaceful, easy, normal or hard>

/help <page or command>

/summon <EntityName> <x> <y> <z> <datatag>



/testfor <player>

/say <message>

/give <player> <item> <amount> <data> <datatag>

/enchant <player> <effect> <seconds> <amplifier>

/clear <player> <item> <data>

/weather <clear, ran or thunder> <duration>

Are You Playing in Creative Mode?

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  1. i love creatie because you can get dimonnds and stuff then go to survivil and then bam you got dimonds in survivl

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