Have You Changed Your Minecraft Name?

Changing your Minecraft User Name

Last month, Mojang announced that Minecrafters would be able to change their user names starting on February 4th. One week later, a lot of players have already taken advantage of this. Have you updated yours? Tell us about it in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Have You Changed Your Minecraft Name?

  1. I was really excited about changing my name on February 4th, but when the day came, I hesitated because I’ve had my username across many game platforms for so long!

    Thankfully I waited, because I later found out that not all plugins update your username and carry over all progress made on your previous name (i.e. Mcmmo doesn’t transfer when you change your name, it just creates a new user file from scratch for the new name!)

    Unfortunately, some players had to find out the hard way. Oh well!

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