Do You Know the History of Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. People just flat out love playing it! At the time this post is being published, there are tens of millions of Minecrafters who play either online, on Xbox or on iOS or Android devices. In total, over 100 million people have registered for the game. The crazy thing about this is that Minecraft is less than 6 years old.

Minecraft’s Humble Beginnings

In 2009, a young developer named Markus Persson, known affectionately among Minecrafters as “Notch,” was on Tigsource looking for inspiration to develop his own game. He found it in a game called “Infiniminer,” which had been created by Zachtronic Industries. Clearly Notch saw something that ZI didn’t, because Infiniminer was discontinued shortly after Notch discovered it. That’s when Notch took it upon himself to begin developing Minecraft.

His first step was to develop “Cave Game,” which was really similar to the original Zachtronics game. The next step was to add a multiplayer mode, which was then followed by a “Survival mode,” which was all about making the game more intense. In 2010, Minecraft became far more widespread after being mentioned on the official Team Fortress 2 blog and also in an interview with PC Gamer. This is also when Mojang was officially founded. By this point, the game had gotten so much attention that the webserver crashed because of too many people signing up. Over the next few months, Minecraft became a YouTube sensation. Today, it is the most popular game on the popular video-sharing network.

The Next Big Thing?

Later in 2010, a handful of disgruntled users launched 85,000 bots to DDoS Minecraft servers. The attack took the game offline, but just days later a Halloween update was released that created a portal to The Nether. Within two months, it was officially announced that Minecraft was in beta. Noteblocks were also introduced, which made it possible for players to create music within the game. Many users began using these blocks to create song parodies, which churned out billions more views on YouTube. The game had blown up – It was even named IndieDB’s Game of the Year!

Throughout 2011, more advances to the game were introduced. Later in the year, Minecraft was finally officially released at the MineCon 2011 keynote. Immediately after, Jens Bergensten, who we all know as “Jeb,” took over creative control of the game. Since Jeb has taken over, he’s continued updating the game with Weekly Snapshots, introduced many new features and grown the games fan base to unbelievable levels. As we all remember, tech conglomerate, Microsoft, acquired Mojang in 2014 for $2.5billion, but the game’s popularity has not diminished at all. In fact, it seems to be growing stronger than ever.

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