Redstone is one of the super special elements that make Minecraft so awesome. Called “Magic Powder” in the Pirate Language, each Redstone block is basically a source of electricity. They blocks are flat and transparent, but they transmit power. These can be used for many things, such as lighting a path, creating a special sound or tone and even powering a factory. Like so many other parts of Minecraft, there are no limits – only imagination!

How to Obtain Redstone

There are several ways to obtain Redstone while you play:

Breaking – If Redstone dust is broken up, pushed by a piston, has water flow into its space or has an attachment block moved or destroyed, then Redstone drops itself as an item.

Crafting – Redstone can be crafted with – you guessed it – blocks of redstone.

Drops – Witches may drop as many as 6 Redstone when they die. This happens whether they’re killed by a player or die some other way.

Mining – As many as 8 Redstone can be dropped by redstone ore when it is mined with a diamond pickaxe or an iron. Redstone ore can be found at the bottom of your mines. The best results occur when the pickaxe is enchanted with fortunte.

Natural Generation – During world generation, jungle temples naturally generate 15 pieces of redstone dust. Remember, there are several ways to get redstone dust to drop Redstone as an item.

Smelting – When redstone ore is added to any fuel, the user ends up with Redstone.

Trading – Clerics are able to offer Redstone as a second-tier trade for emeralds.

Which Blocks Can Redstone Power?

Redstone power comes from a power source, like levers (made from stick & cobblestone), pressure plates, daylight sensors, stone buttons (made from single pieces of smooth stone), Redstone torches (Redstone and sticks) and more. Most types of blocks can become powered when they are attached to or contain a power source. Powered blocks can also switch blocks directly next to themselves on. All types of stone and brick blocks can be powered. So can dirt, gravel, sand, grass, wool, droppers, dispensers and double slabs. Glass, leaves, pistons, hoppers, chests, stairs, ice, glowstone and single slabs cannot. Redstone can also transmit power from place to place. By placing redstone dust on the floor, players can create Redstone wire. This occurs when the dust connects up, similar to electrical wire.

3 Crafting Recipes Using Redstone

Clock – Did you know you can craft a clock (of sorts) in Minecraft? It’s true! All you have to do is place 4 Gold Ingots around a piece of Redstone dust.

Note Block – You can create blocks that play notes when tapped by placing 8 wood planks around a piece of Redstone dust.

Compass – If you ever need to find your way back to the place you spawned, you can create a compass by placing 4 Iron Ingots around a piece of Redstone dust.

These are only 3 crafting recipes that use Redstone. There are tons of epic creations just waiting to happen! What are some of your favorite ways to use Redstone to make your game even better? Tell us in the comments below!

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