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Let’s Talk About Redstone!

Redstone is one of the super special elements that make Minecraft so awesome. Called “Magic Powder” in the Pirate Language, each Redstone block is basically a source of electricity. They blocks are flat and transparent, but they transmit power. These can be used for many things, such as lighting a path, creating a special sound … Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Redstone!”

5 Epic Redstone Creations You Have to See!

5 Epic Redstone Creations You Have to See! We all know about the in-game computers and calculators in Minecraft, and no one can forget about the playable tic-tac-toe and functional elevator that go up and down 10+ floors. But you probably never heard about the functional Minecraft printer along with most of the underrated Redstone … Continue reading “5 Epic Redstone Creations You Have to See!”