Sky Factory has been hailed as one of the most detailed and challenging Minecraft mods of them all, pitting your survival instincts up against your patience and efficiency to create an excellent game mode for you and your friends.

While the standalone Minecraft game presents plenty of challenges and quests that players may embark on, the Sky Factory mod tests how effective you are when using just the bare bone resources, with only a tiny island to contain you — be careful you don’t fall off!

To get some insight into what the game involves, here is a brief introduction to the mod with some pointers on how to kick start your game.

Humble beginnings

You begin your Sky Factory adventure with nothing but a torch and three books. These books give detailed information on what your quest is and how the crafting in Sky Factory differs from that of normal Minecraft.

While this map is very much a race against time, these books are important to read. The amount of different blocks you can craft in the Sky Factory mod is staggering, and without reading these you will be none the wiser as to how complex the game actually is.

Crafting using patterns

In Sky Factory, the crafting table takes a bit of a back seat and is instead replaced by blank patterns. Blank patterns are essentially a clean slate that can be used to create blueprints for tools and weapons.

After quickly harvesting the wood below, you can create your first blank pattern using two sticks and two wood planks. From here, you may create a stencil table using a blank pattern and a wood plank.

Using a stencil table

This is where the real fun begins. Craft using blank patterns to create tools, weapons, and blocks step by step, where each stencil derives from the wood log you began your save standing on top of!

Making parts

You’ll need a part builder to construct individual parts for your tools and weapons. Do this by creating a blank pattern and then crafting a parts table by combining that with a solid wood log. This table expels a very valuable resource in a full wood block, but is essential in the crafting process.

Using your tool station

Now that you have begun making parts for weapons and tools, you can repair and modify these tools on a tool station. Construct a tool station by combining a blank pattern with a crafting table — this is the only way you will be able to superpower your tools and weapons, which will be essential for survival in Sky Factory.


While this brief introduction to Sky Factory contains the bare basics on how to survive, you would be much better served learning the game yourself by downloading the ATL Launcher and installing Sky Factory 2.4 today. This mod presents the ultimate challenge for Minecraft veterans, whether playing alone or with friends. Just be wary, the more people there are, the less space you’ll have!

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