Taking the Next Step with Minecraft Server Hosting

Becoming the master of your own world is a feat that strikes fancy to everyone, and because Minecraft server files are open for free to the public, server hosting can be started by anyone around the globe.

Of course, starting a server isn’t always easy, the hard part is maintaining its availability for everyone everywhere: And this is where a Minecraft server hosting company steps in.

Do I Really Need To Get Hosted?

Good question, but one that has a straight answer – Yes! Hiring a dedicated Minecraft server hosting company costs money, as opposed to hosting it locally on your desktop. However, there are several key reasons why you should do so – Reasons which will be tackled on this article.

Minecraft Server Availability

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Let’s face it; this is one of the main reasons why you’re going to need a dedicated hosting company to host your server. The fact is, no matter how powerful you think your computer is it’s not built to be a hosting server. Although they can last long on a well -ventilated and cool environment, desktop computers need to be shut down from time to time – else, the damage will be catastrophic. Being locally hosted, your server is also prone to unnecessary down time caused by local black outs, internet issues, or even natural phenomenon.

Protecting Your Minecraft Server

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Opening your IP address to everyone is an invitation to ill-mannered hackers who can easily access your files or attack your PC putting your server and your PC at risks. Of course, with this on the line, most hosting companies have taken extra protective measures – such as DDoS protection – to prevent such event.

FTP File Sharing

With the latest cloud base and FTP technology, your server files can be accessed anywhere any time. This makes it easier to change your setting, upload mods, and install plugins from anywhere even from your phone. You may even give file access to certain individuals that you trust on the fly.

Power Saving

As mentioned above, desktop computers could not handle being open for 24 hours a day for 30 days a month, but if you really insist that your computer can, then you’re probably going to pay more on your electric bill than your average neighbor – an extra bill which can be saved by investing in a dedicated hosting company.

Powerful Server Specs

Dedicated Minecraft hosting companies, such as EnviousHost, features quality hardware and software that can handle multiple servers at once. This is paired with high RAM and disk space which results in a much smoother server. By allowing companies to host your server, you will save precious computer resource that will allow your computer to play the client lag-free.

The Minecraft Server Hosting Company For You

With the myriad of server hosting companies available on the web, it is best to choose those that are proven effective, powerful, and those you can trust. EnviousHost.com features bed-rock solid Minecraft servers showcasing top-of-the-line hardware that allows for smoother lag-less gameplay. They also provide protected servers with one-click easy installation for famous mod packs and plugins that allows for much greater convenience.

On top of that, EnviousHost has a team of dedicated staff and support that are available to answer all of your questions!

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