Minecraft Pocket Edition is a huge phenomenon. Everywhere you go, it seems like you can find people playing Minecraft – on their phones! MCPE may not have all the features that the PC version does, but it’s definitely a sweet way to keep your thumbs busy! And it allows you to take the game with you no matter where you go. Worth the trade off? Absolutely it is!

Minecraft Pocket Edition Updates

Minecraft Pocket Edition has been around since 2011, when its initial Alpha version was released for Android. Since then, it’s gone through several major and minor updates. Today, we’re all looking forward to MCPE version 0.11.0. Take heart – this update is on the horizon!

Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.11.0 image

While there is no official release date yet, there are many great Additions that have already been disclosed. These include new Blocks, new Mobs, new Items, new Skins, new food and more! If you love playing MCPE, then version 0.11.0 should have you bouncing off the walls. We certainly are!

Only in Minecraft Pocket Edition

While Minecraft Pocket Edition doesn’t offer all of the features that the PC version of the game does, it actually has a few that are all its own. Two of these popular features are the Nether Reactor Core and Beetroots. And last July, when MCPE rolled out version 0.9.0, it included some new features that were not available on the Xbox or PS4 versions of the game. Among these were infinite worlds, wolves, new biomes, new mobs and caves! And what is Minecraft without caves?!

What Minecraft Pocket Edition is Missing

No matter how much you love Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are some things that you just can’t get – at least not yet. There are certain pets, mobs and skins that simply don’t exist for MCPE. You also cannot play in Hardcore Mode or enter worlds that others have made. Of course, some of these are being cleared up with version 0.11.0, and the rest will no doubt be taken care of in other future versions. What you have to remember is that Minecraft is still a work in progress – especially Pocket Edition!

Hosting your Minecraft Pocket Edition Server

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