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10 of the Coolest MCPE Plugins

Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is an awesome way to play Minecraft . One way to make MCPE even cooler is by adding some great plugins. Plugins are add-ons or extensions that can make the game more exciting to play. There are so many plugins for Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, these 10 plugins are so great … Continue reading “10 of the Coolest MCPE Plugins”

7 of Our Favorite Fun Plugins for MCPE

Update – Check out our new MCPE plugins article here! 7 of Our Favorite Fun Plugins for MCPE It’s no secret that we at EnviousHost love Minecraft Pocket Edition. And we think you probably should too! Last July, we shared 10 of our favorite MCPE plugins…but that was almost a year ago!! There is so … Continue reading “7 of Our Favorite Fun Plugins for MCPE”

Why Minecraft Pocket Edition is Awesome

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a huge phenomenon. Everywhere you go, it seems like you can find people playing Minecraft – on their phones! MCPE may not have all the features that the PC version does, but it’s definitely a sweet way to keep your thumbs busy! And it allows you to take the game with … Continue reading “Why Minecraft Pocket Edition is Awesome”