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7 of Our Favorite Fun Plugins for MCPE

It’s no secret that we at EnviousHost love Minecraft Pocket Edition. And we think you probably should too! Last July, we shared 10 of our favorite MCPE plugins…but that was almost a year ago!! There is so much more that MCPE has to offer now, so we thought it was time to share some more of our favorites. So today, without further adieu, check out our 7 favorite Fun plugins for MCPE!

7.  iControlU 1.3

Have you ever wanted to control other players? Of course you have!! And now you can with iControlU! This sick and twisted plugin is awesome because it gives the server admin the power to control other players. Choose your victim, use the /icu control <username> command and then take over! Want to prank your friends? This plugin definitely puts the troll back into control!

6.  DisguiseMe 1.1

And speaking of trolling your friends, DisguiseMe allows you to disguise yourself as an entire mob! Keep in mind, by default the OPs on your server are unable to see the disguises. Everyone else, though, is fair game! If you want a new way to freak out your friends, try this plugin on for size!

5.  PaintMyLawn 1.2.0

If you ever really want to mix up your world, try PaintMyLawn. PML is cool because it enables you to change grass color in each of your world columns. These new colors are saved to the worlds, which means that no plugin is needed the share these changes later. Just use the /paint <RRGGBB> or /paint <R> <G> <B> commands to add some color to your world!


4.  BattleKits 1.0.4

Next time you play PVP, you have to give BattleKits a try! This awesome plugin will enable you to set individual inventory slots and create custom commands – talk about killer PVP gameplay! It also allows you to easily create signs that can help you track down your kit rewards.

3. Night PVP 2.0.1

And speaking of PVP, have you tried NightPVP yet? This plugin is very straightforward. It simply adjusts the game to only enable PVP in the nighttime hours. If you aren’t afraid of the dark, perhaps you should be!

2. Randomitem 4.2

When you’re feeling really in touch with your better nature, you can use RandomItem to share gifts with all the players on your server. As the name implies, RandomItem simply offers a random item to every player on the server at certain intervals. Whether you want to share coal, carrots or something totally off the wall, random item is the plugin for you!

1.  FactionsPro 1.2.0

Our very favorite Fun plugin for MCPE should be no surprise. We LOVE FactionsPro and we know you will too! The ability to segment players on a server into different factions and then engage in massive all-out PVP action? Yes, please!! Invite whoever you want and boot the players you don’t want there – what more can you ask for?!

Hosting Your MCPE Server

We don’t have to tell you that Pocket Edition is awesome (but we will!) because it speaks for itself! Just remember that no matter what plugins you add, your MCPE server makes all the difference.

For the best performance – no matter how you like your game – you’ve gotta go with EnviousHost! We offer bedrock solid MCPE servers with the best customer support team you’ll find anywhere. We guarantee it!

Customizing your server is easy. Simply choose your MCPE hosting plan, pick the plugins you want from Pocketmine.net, download them and use your FTP and Multicraft control panel to add your favorite plugins to your awesome new server!

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