Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is an awesome way to play Minecraft . One way to make MCPE even cooler is by adding some great plugins. Plugins are add-ons or extensions that can make the game more exciting to play. There are so many plugins for Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, these 10 plugins are so great you have to check them out for yourself!

TNT 1.2.5

This Minecraft Pocket Edition plugin makes using TNT more fun. It allows you to play with TNT in various ways. It’s very useful if you are mining. If you need to blow something up or just have fun with TNT,  this really is an awesome add-on to your game.

PeacefulSpawn 4.3

The PeacefulSpawn plugin is quite useful in the game. It protects your players from dangers while in spawn. The plugin uses the spawn protection radius in your server properties file. It is available for use in all worlds, which is another reason why this is such an awesome plugin for MCPE.

PocketGuard 2.1.1

This plugin protects your chests from thieves and only allows players with permission to unlock chests. It also logs players activity in regards to the plugin in only. This is a really cool plugin if you are finding your chests being broken into a lot.

ManyWorlds 2.0.3

The ManyWorlds 2.0.3 plugin allows you to create worlds. This gives you a whole new way to play MCPE. If you are bored of one world, create a new one. The plugin features teleporting between worlds, load/unload, world information and edit level. Overall it gives you a chance to build your own world, and that in itself is awesome.

RandomItem 4.3

This is a great plugin for everyone on your site. It allows you to give random items in timed intervals. You can set intervals for 5 minutes, 10, minutes or whatever setting you choose. The RandomItem plugin is a great bonus for players.

DisguiseMe 1.1

The DisguiseMe plugin is a very unique add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This plugin actually let’s you disguised yourself as a mob. This is a great way to hide yourself within the game. You can find lots of great uses for this disguise such as hiding from danger to checking out other players. It’s also pretty cool to see the Minecraft through the eyes of a mob.

MagicTeleportal 1.3.2

This plugin allows you to create a portal between worlds with one simple command. The MagicTeleportal plugin for MCPE will create a portal in the direction you are looking. To use it, you simply just walk across the portal. If you need to destroy the portal all you need to do is break one of the blocks that is supporting it. This is a fun and easy way to get to different worlds.

KeepInventory 1.1.0

One of the most frustrating thing about Minecraft is losing your inventory when you die. This plugin will actually keep your inventory when you die so when play the game again your inventory is still there. This general plugin really comes in handy when you get in over your head. Also, you don’t need any commands for this plugin.

WorldProtect 2.2.0

If you created a world and now you are getting grief from other players, this plugin will help you protect your world. The WorldProtect plugin features: limit and approve players in your world, stop explosions, unbreakable blocks, ban items and create limits. Overall this plugin creates some sort of civilized way to play without having a free for all. It also builds comradery and helps you to play the game in a fun and safe way.

FireBlade 1.0.2

This plugin is exactly what it says it is, a blade of fire. You can turn an iron or golden sword into a fireblade by entering the code: /fireblade. This sword will then become active. When you hit an opponent or a mob with this sword, it will cause damage and set it on fire. This is a great tool to have, especially for some of those harder to kill mobs.

There are many wonderful plugins for MCPE. These 10 plugins will add some fun and usefulness to your game play. Thanks for checking out this blog article on EnviousHost!  If you enjoyed it, you should check out our MCPE plugins article from 2015 here!

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