Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Get Started

As you’ve probably heard, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is coming to EnviousHost! If you’ve never tried CS:GO for yourself, you are in for a treat! But, as with any new game, getting started might be a bit confusing. That’s why we’ve created this post to help you get off on the right foot!

If you’ve played any of the previous versions of Counter-Strike, or even the original Half Life Mod version, then you’ll already have a general understanding of how things work. The game gets really competitive and, at times, can be frustrating. BUT there are a lot of new things to learn about CS:GO. Let’s start with the general gameplay!

General Gameplay

CS:GO is not unlike other FPS (first-person shooter) games out there. There are two teams battling against one another with a very specific goal in mind. The first group are the Counter Terrorists (CT) and the other group are Terrorists. And yes, the names are what they sound like!

Play as CT or Terrorist?

While the two teams in CS:GO are mortal enemies, they are actually relatively similar in many ways. Both groups have the ability to access a wide variety of weapons with very few exceptions. The CTs, however, are generally able to get their hands on more sophistacated weapons with higher accuracy, while the Terrorists tend to use more destructive forces and cheaper guns.


CS:GO CT or Terrorists Image

CS:GO Game Modes

When you first get started with CS:GO, the Game Modes may seem a little confusing at first. While we recommend trying them all and finding your favorite, we’ve still included a brief overview of each of CS:GO’s Game Modes.

Bomb Defusal

Bomb Defusal is the most common and well-known Game Mode of Counter-Strike. In this mode, the Terrorist team plants a C4 bomb and tries to detonate it in one of 2 bomb sites. The Counter Terrorist team’s mission is to prevent the bomb from being planted or to defuse the bomb if it is. Of course, one team can also win by eliminating all the active players on the opposing team. And if the timer reaches zero before the bomb detonates, the CT team is declared the winner of the round.

Hostage Rescue

The Hostage Rescue Game Mode is similar to the popular FPS Capture the Flag mode. In Hostage Rescue, the Terrorists start off holding two NPC hostages and try to prevent any of their enemies from reaching them. The CT team’s mission is very much a search and rescue mission. Their goal is to find the hostages, rescue them from the terrorists and escort them back to the safety of their home base or start zone. Both teams can still win by eliminating all active players from the opposing side and the CT team is declared victorious if they’re able to rescue at least one hostage before the timer reaches zero.


CS:GO Hostage Rescue image


Deathmatch is the simplest of the CS:GO Game Modes. In this mode, each player races to get the most points by killing off members of the opposing team. Players that are killed will respawn immediately in random places on the map. This mode is best suited for practicing your shooting skills and survivability. After 10 minutes have passed, the match ends and the game announces the player with the highest score. The scores and rankings of all players will appear at this time. If you’re still getting familiar with the game’s controls and all the different weapons, this Game Mode is perfect for you!


The Demolition Mode in CS:GO is comparable to Bomb Defusal. In Demolition, there is a single bomb site and the map is much smaller. Each team’s objective is the same as they are in Bomb Defusal, but players are not able to shop for or loot guns. Instead, weapons are upgraded whenever you are able to kill an enemy.

Arms Race

The Arms Race Game Mode (also called Gun Mode) is similar to DeathMatch in many ways. However, players aren’t able to shop for or loot guns, and the match doesn’t end after 10 minutes. In Arms Race, the match only ends when a player from either team manages to make a kill using the Golden Knife. Just like in Demolition Mode, weapons are upgraded whenever a kill is made and the Golden Knife is the top-tier weapon. Although Arms Race is team-based, player scores are evaluated individually, so teamwork often times gets put out the window!

Casual and Competitive Rules

In both Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue Game Modes, there are two sets of rules to choose from: Casual and Competitive Rules.

Casual Rules

Casual is the very basic game rule in which you can easily drop-in and play or leave without consequences. This gameplay consists of a maximum of 20 players (10 vs. 10) with no level restrictions. There is no penalty for leaving and you won’t have to worry about being struck by friendly fire. The game ends when the first team reaches 8 victories.

Competitive Rules

As the name implies, Competitive gameplay will get rough! This game consists of a 5 on 5 player match that automatically syncs to players’ levels. Players can harm their teammates (which is a big no-no in the gaming community!) and will experience “punishment” for leaving mid-game. Competitive games last until a team reaches 16 victories. Playing in Competitive mode will grant players a rank and the opportunity to earn badges based on their performance.

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Playing CS:GO With Your Friends

If you really want to have a great time playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you have to play with friends! At EnviousHost, our CS:GO Servers (coming soon!) are the perfect way to do just that! Break up into teams and hone your skills with all your favorite people near and far. Explore the various Game Modes and get to know your new favorite weapons while bonding with friends and loved ones over this first-person shooter.

Remember, our servers are as reliable as they come and we offer 24/7 support to help you enjoy an unbeatable, lag-free gaming experience. If you haven’t played on any of EnviousHost‘s servers before, you don’t know what you’re missing. This is the perfect chance to grab your server and get into the game of your choice. #GameOn!!

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