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4 Best Garry’s Mod Maps in 2017

Garry’s Mod has to be considered one of, if not definitively, the most revered and successful Half Life 2 mod of all. While the popular multiplayer game initially began as an excuse to shoot toilets at each other with Gordon Freeman’s super-cool gravity gun, it spawned one of the most vibrant and inventive communities in … Continue reading “4 Best Garry’s Mod Maps in 2017”

Happy New Year! Enjoy 30% OFF!

Happy New Year from EnviousHost! We hope you enjoyed ringing in the new year and didn’t party too hard! But if you’re still partying, that’s okay, too! We want to start off 2017 with a 30% DISCOUNT when you sign up with us or upgrade your current plan. Just use the promo code below: NEWYEAR … Continue reading “Happy New Year! Enjoy 30% OFF!”

Top 10 Coolest Garry’s Mod Player Models

In Garry’s Mod, you are what you look like. So make yourself the coolest person in the game and check out our top 10 coolest Garry’s mod player models that you should definitely get your hands on! Disclaimer: We do not own nor take credit to the ports, characters or creations below. Credits on porting … Continue reading “Top 10 Coolest Garry’s Mod Player Models”

10 Must-Try Garry’s Mod Vehicle Dupes

“Dupe” is a short term for “duplicate” which is created by the duplicator tool inside Garry’s Mod. It is used to copy and paste objects to create identical things in large quantities. It’s technically very simple, yet features a gazillion different possibilities. On Gmod 13, players are able to weld together props and objects to create contraptions, save them in their computer, and … Continue reading “10 Must-Try Garry’s Mod Vehicle Dupes”