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What You Need To Know About Resonant Rise b.1.0.1

Resonant Rise is a lite modpack that was made for Minecraft version 1.7.10 that’s hosted on the ATLauncher and is considered one of the best mod packs around. Some mods are required to take advantage of everything Resonant Rise b.1.0.1 offers but you’ll find most of these are optional. If you’re interested in taking your … Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Resonant Rise b.1.0.1”

Villains Skin Pack

That’s right, villains are taking over Minecraft in a big way. Specifically, we are referring to the Villains Skin Pack. This new pack brings with it many great additions to help you release your inner demons. The package includes new skins for schemers, scoundrels, and dastardly masterminds just to name a few. The Villains Skin … Continue reading “Villains Skin Pack”

Understanding Overhaul Mods In Minecraft

The beauty of Minecraft is the ability to play the game in various ways. Minecraft has various mods that change the level of gameplay. One of these types of mods are called overhaul mods.  An overhaul mod, or total overhaul mod changes things in the game while keeping the game in it’s original universe.   … Continue reading “Understanding Overhaul Mods In Minecraft”

Mesa Minecraft Seeds Worth Checking Out

Mesa Minecraft Seeds are a unique and beautiful addition to the Minecraft universe that’s arguably some of the best seeds for the Minecraft universe. While seeds add a unique experience to the Minecraft universe none are quite as breathtaking as the mesa seeds for Minecraft. Regardless of your current in-game status, there is a Mesa … Continue reading “Mesa Minecraft Seeds Worth Checking Out”