Multiplayer Mini Games for Minecraft 1.8

Multiplayer Mini Games for Minecraft 1.8 There are many kinds of servers out there, but one that everybody loves is a server filled with mini games. These servers are even better when several players can enjoy them together! Check out these multiplayer mini game maps that you can add to your server! These maps uses … Continue reading “Multiplayer Mini Games for Minecraft 1.8”

Mod Pack of The Month: The MadPack 2

We’re excited to announce that our Mod Pack of the Month is the MadPack 2! Since February means Valentine’s Day, we wanted to make sure to feature something everyone loves – a fantastic modpack chock full of sick mods! About The MadPack 2 Unlike any other mod pack, ATLauncher’s The MadPack 2 wants you dead. … Continue reading “Mod Pack of The Month: The MadPack 2”

Project HoloLens and Minecraft

On January 21st, Microsoft made a series of big announcements about Windows 10. The big announcement to gamers, though, had nothing to do with a new operating system. Microsoft also revealed plans to bring consumer holographic technology to the marketplace in the form of the all new HoloLens. This new technology will allow everyday people … Continue reading “Project HoloLens and Minecraft”

Changing Minecraft Usernames?

Changing Minecraft Usernames? Many people have been waiting for this day to come. Well, it’s finally here! According to an official announcement from Mojang, Minecrafters will be able to change their usernames! Players can finally update their username while still keeping the same account. There are, of course, going to be rules. Here is a … Continue reading “Changing Minecraft Usernames?”

5 Of The Most Epic Creations Ever Made In Minecraft

One of the coolest things about Minecraft is that people can get creative with it – very creative. Once a person is comfortable with the basics of the game, mods and plugins can be installed. These mods and plugins make it possible to build and craft just about anything imaginable. When we say anything, we … Continue reading “5 Of The Most Epic Creations Ever Made In Minecraft”

The New Features Of Pocket Edition 0.10

The New Features Of Pocket Edition 0.10 In November, Minecraft Pocket Edition was updated to version 0.10 Alpha Build 1. This MCPE update features many things including a variety of content and a built-in shader. The .10 Alpha Build 1 update was made available to all devices on November 18th,  and features graphical enhancement in … Continue reading “The New Features Of Pocket Edition 0.10”